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  • Our house was flooded for days by Hurricane Harvey and we were not able to live in it. We have been a long-time client of Katy Remodeling/Decorating with Ana. Once people were allowed into the area, Katy Remodeling team members came to our house and removed sheetrock, insulation, and other items damaged by the water. They came to do the work without trying to charge us, but instead wanted to make sure their clients were getting help as quickly as possible. We did not know what needed to be done, but they did.  Thank you Ana and your team!

  • We have been a client for years. Our house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey and people from our church came to help. People were randomly cutting sheetrock and trying to remove the wood flooring. Unexpectedly Ana (the owner) and her husband showed up at our house and got us organized. They quickly measured and marked the walls for cutting, brought vacuums for water to remove the water from the floors, and construction garbage bags. They quickly cut the sheetrock while members from the church followed to remove it and the insulation. Of course we used Katy Remodeling & Decorating with Ana to essentially rebuild the bottom floor of our house. As soon as the wood from the walls was tested and confirmed to be dry, Ana had her teams at our house rebuilding. They did the entire job (new cabinets, new floors, walls, electrical, and doors, so we did not have to try and find people to do each part of the work.  Our house looks so good and we have comfort knowing they fixed things right.

  • We had a broken granite countertop and called two different companies to fix it. Neither company showed up. We live in Clear Lake and are a very satisfied client of Decorating with Ana and her Katy Remodeling construction company. Knowing that Ana's company is very busy helping people whose houses were flooded, I was reluctant to call her, but I did.  Two people from her company came to my house when scheduled and repaired the countertop without having to replace the whole piece.

  • I don't like the thought of having unknown people in my house, but I have used Ana's company for all of my houses the past 10+ years.  I've never had anything missing and am amazed that many of the people at her company, like the guy who is head of the construction projects, is the same person I met when I interviewed their company for my first project.

  • My "man cave" is amazing. Ana and one of the guys from Katy Remodeling met with me to discuss my project. I thought I only needed someone to come install a bracket on the wall, but luckily they had the experience to ask questions.  For example, instead of just mounting the TV on the wall and then having a bunch of ugly cables and power cords hanging down, they where able to run the cables inside the walls (even the wires to my wall speakers are hidden).  I also realized that Ana is a profession decorator from Decorating With Ana and she helped me design the entire room.  I now have the coolest stuff and my friends love to come over.  My wife was so happy with the way things turned out that she consulted with Ana for ideas in other rooms. Oh, when Ana shopped for us she only charged us for her time and the actual cost for items. We found that the discounts she gets from stores, plus she uses coupons for you, paid for a lot of her shopping fees.

  • We were trying to sell our house, but it was not getting much activity. Our realtor suggested we contact Ana for ideas. She walked through our house and it was surprising how quickly she could notice things.  She was nice, but not shy to tell us things we should do. Most of the items were small and quick to do, but she helped us understand that poor impression people were getting. She had us change some outdated light fixtures, remove items from countertops and dressers, rearranged our furniture, and added some accent items around the house.  She also had her team quickly paint a few walls with colors that brightened the house, but were not bold or crazy.  The realtor noted that people started providing positive comments and we sold the house within two weeks.

  • Our ceiling was stained from a water heater that leaked in our attic.  We called a painter we found another website that lists contractors.  He put special and expensive primer on it and then came back the following week to paint it.  We told him that it did not look right, but he said that it was the best it can get. One of our neighbors was having a large project done at their house and said they were really happy with the company they selected, which was Katy Construction. I called them and the owner, Ana, answered.  She was at my neighbor's house checking the job her team was doing (turned out that she goes to her project sites practically everyday to inspect the work and make sure the client is satisfied) so she came to my house along with one of her construction managers. Immediately they showed me that the sheetrock was damaged/bowing from when it got wet and was in danger of falling. We also went into the attic where they moved insulation and showed me the back side of the sheetrock and it was clearly bad as they suspected.  They suggested we don't let anyone walk under that area and the next day two people were at our house removing a large piece of sheetrock from the ceiling (did not have to remove it all) and then put a new piece on.  They already told us they could not texture and paint the ceiling until the following week, but were worried that part of our ceiling could fall on us so they fixed it as a priority (by the way, when they went to remove the original sheetrock they showed me how they pushed up on it with a broom stick and with very little pressure it make a hole and small pieces started falling).


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Katy Remodeling will make the home repairs you need in a quality manner.  We have an exceptional record of positive customer feedback and are happy for you to contact our previous clients.  Katy Remodeling has been performing construction projects in Katy, TX and surrounding areas longer than most people have lived in the area.  Our model is simple.  We want to complete your construction and remodeling project to your satisfaction, while observing our quality standards.  We will work together with your contractors, but they are not necessary when using Katy Remodeling since we handle are able to handle all of the tasks and avoid you the hassle.

Katy Remodeling is a subsidiary of Decorating with Ana, which is one of the reasons for our high customer satisfaction. Any good construction company can tear apart rooms in your house, but so many do unsatisfactory jobs at rebuilding them. Walls are not straight, switches in the middle of walls, light fixtures not aligned with furniture, dysfunctional cabinets, and color schemes that are unappealing. We think about those things!



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